AirAsia亚航宣布推介柜台登记费Counter Check-in Fees

>AirAsia Counter Check-in fees

亚航随着其无接触自助登记亭及增强手机应用程序的推出,今日宣布将在特定国家或城市推介柜台登记费。AirAsia is introducing counter check-in fees in selected countries and cities effective today, following the successful deployment of its contactless check-in kiosks and enhanced mobile app features recently.

AirAsia Counter Check-in fees

The fees are RM20 per guest for domestic flights and RM30 per guest for international flights. However, guests can conveniently avoid paying these fees by opting to check-in using the website, mobile app or airport kiosks.

亚航集团首席营运总监Javed Malik说:“据我们观察大部分乘客都已非常熟悉透过亚航官网、手机应用及机场自助登记亭进行自助登记程序。这次推介的柜台登记费是我们进一步鼓励所有乘客继续使用这些我们巨额投资的数码科技,同时促进营运效率和乘客便利。自疫情爆发以来,这些自助登记设施与服务对于减少乘客及员工们之间接触而变得尤其重要。在过去的两个月我们为了乘客及员工们的健康与安全而加强了各项安全措施,数千名进行必要出行的乘客们也已率先体验了我们的无接触出行程序。

AirAsia Group Chief Operations Officer Javed Malik said, “We have seen a very high adoption of our self-check in services through our website, mobile app and airport kiosks over recent times. Thus, the implementation of the counter check-in fees is a way for us to further encourage guests to use these digital technologies, which we have invested enormously in, to promote and enhance operational efficiency and guest convenience. In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, these self-check in facilities have become very crucial in minimising physical contact between our guests and staff. In the past two months, thousands of guests on essential travel have experienced our contactless travel procedures as we stepped up our safety and security measures for the health and safety of our guests and Allstars.


“We are also one of the first airlines to enable the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test report screening feature on our website and our AirAsia mobile app, where guests can upload their PCR report or selected travel documents and check-in for their flights, even before they arrive at the airport for an enhanced contactless travel experience. We encourage all guests to utilise these convenient self service facilities and features which are now available, to be fully adapted to the new way of travel.”

对于行动不便的乘客、长飞客(Premium Flex)及豪华平躺座椅(Premium Flatbed)乘客、受航班更动影响或受机场自助登记亭服务中断影响的乘客们无需缴付柜台登记费,欲知更多免收费例外以及详情可参考这常见问题与解答

A waiver of the counter check-in fees will be given to guests with reduced mobility, Premium Flex or Premium Flatbed guests, guests affected by flight disruptions or an airport kiosk outage as well as for some other exceptions. Guests can refer to this FAQ for more details.


Only guests who check-in using the airport counters in Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, as well as Taipei, Kaohsiung and Honolulu, for both domestic and international flights will be charged the new counter check-in fees of RM20 for domestic flights and RM30 for international flights (or its equivalent in local currency, subject to a predetermined currency exchange rate).


消息来自: AirAsia News

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