SumoSumo Bento House, Kluang

Hey guys, here is my first post in English, hope u all enjoy reading 🙂
Looking for Japanese Restaurant in Kluang other than Sushi King? Here is a good news for Kluang people! Besides Sushi King in Kluang Mall or AeonBig, there is a newly opened Japanese Restaurant called SumoSumo Bento House. Just like its name, they sell mostly bento and ramen, no sashimi and sushi is found. This is quite sad for sushi and sashimi lover like me.
                       Menu of SumoSumo Bento House

The menu is simple with picture for each item but too bad the pictures are not good taken. The food in menu is not really attractive.

      The origin of the restaurant……

Situated inside Extreme Boutique Hotel, the environment of SumoSumo Bento House is quite good and cozy. The restaurant is Halal with no pork and no lard.

You will be served a glass of green tea when you are on your seat. Firstly we thought the drinks is free but after paying we only realized it charged RM0.50 for each glass. Nevertheless, I think the price is still reasonable. 

As newly opened, there is set meal promotion from RM6.90 onwards. I personally think that it is an attractive promotion where Japanese set meat only cost RM6.90!
                                     Sakana Don炸鱼排饭,RM6.90

Here is the promotion set meal- Sakana Don which costs only RM6.90. All the set meal serve with miso soup, salad and a piece of pineapple.

       The fish is fried and covered with egg. A not bad choice with cheap price!

                                    Tori Katsu Don炸鸡排饭, RM7.90

Just like Sakana Don, Tori Katsu Don serves fried chicken rather than fish with a price difference of RM1.00. My parents love it as the food taste good and the environment is cozy.

                                     Salmon Teriyaki烤三文鱼套餐,RM12.90

I personally think that this Salmon Teriyaki worth the price as it only costs RM12.90 with salmon! The taste of salmon is good with teriyaki sauce, nice try!

                       Katsu Curry Set炸鸡排日式咖喱饭,RM11.90

Japanese curry is always difference from our local curry. The fragrant of the curry is nice yet it won’t tastes too spicy but a little bit of sweetness. 

                     Sakana Curry Set炸鱼排日式咖喱饭,RM11.90

This is actually same with the set above just change to fish insteads of chicken. Frankly speaking, the ambience here is good and clean, the food is not bad with reasonable price, just the location is a bit far from town. It’s a bit pity that I did not try its ramen as we all ordered rice, hope that there is  chance for me to try its ramen next time. 🙂

SumoSumo Bento House
Extreme Boutique Hotel Restaurant 
2, Jalan Intan 1/1
Taman Intan
86000, Kluang
Tel : 011-2011 7650 
Business Hours : 11.30am – 11.00pm

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